Grand Hotel

Genre: Musical.
Period: 24 t/m 6 may 2012.
The story: The musical focuses on events taking place over the course of a weekend in an elegant hotel in 1928 Berlin
and the intersecting stories of the eccentric guests of the hotel, including a fading prima ballerina; a fatally ill
Jewish bookkeeper, who wants to spend his final days living in luxury; a young, handsome, but destitute Baron; a cynical doctor; a typist dreaming of Hollywood success and Hermann Preysing, the general manager of a failing textile mill, hears that the merger with a Boston company is off, spelling financial ruin, but tries not to lie to his stockholders.
Role: General manager of a failing textile mill.
Cast: a.o. Jamai Loman, Ad Knippels, Tony Neef, Trudi Klever, Nelleke Zitman en Boy Ooteman.
Location: 24 until 26 April 2012 in M-lab, 28 until 6 May 2012 in The Grand Hotel, Amsterdam.
Producent: M-lab.
Video: Perspresentatie Grand Hotel.

NRC, Volkskrant
Tony Neef Grand Hotel Musical Tony Neef Grand Hotel Musical Tony Neef Grand Hotel Musical